Week's Best in BS Free Fitness - Vol 5

Health Evidence is frickin' amazing. They are a website that contains over 4,800 studies on public health. There are plenty of websites that talk about research. However, Health evidence does things a bit differently.

They compile and review all relevant research making it easy to consume. You can read all the research you want, without spending hours in front of a computer screen. Pretty dope right?

Also, their Twitter account is full of short, sweet, and succinct summaries of research. Making things even easier for you to read. Make sure to follow them!

You can check out their website HERE.


@Bell-Coaching, Co-Coach for Menno Henselmans

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There are a couple of things I like about Richard's Instagram account.

First, he posts a lot of his client's accomplishments and transformations. Imagine that. A coach who has a vested interest in promoting the success of his clients. Unfortunately, in the land of Instagram, a guy who is actually getting people results is special.

Second, there are a lot of amazing feats of strength and hard work on Richard's Instagram account. Many of these bodybuilding guys are under the impression that building muscle and building strength are completely unrelated. That couldn't be further from the truth. And Richard's clients are evidence.

Make sure to go follow Richard and check out his website, Bell Coaching!