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💥HOW TO ADJUST YOUR CALORIES FOR FAT LOSS💥 - 🍕There is A LOT to discuss in this post and much of it is easily misinterpreted (which is why I'm expecting an epic 💩 storm between Squibs and Death Eaters in the comments). But please do me a favor and read the whole caption before you post any questions or points of contention. - 1️⃣ Before anything, you need to establish your calorie intake. And you can get your first estimate (not necessarily final) by multiplying your body weight (IN POUNDS) x 12 --> this is a general guideline & does not work for everyone. If you're already somewhat lean/fit (women <22% BF, men <17% BF) it will be perfect. But if you're over weight, you would do well to multiply by a lower number (10 is a good starting point) and adjusting cals from there. - 2️⃣Now you need to be consistent & collect data for 2 full weeks before you make any changes. If you change anything within the first 14 days you're just guessing based on emotion; not making logical, data-driven decisions. - 3️⃣If after 2 weeks you gained weight, reduce your calories by 5-10% per day. If you maintained your weight, reduce your calories by 3-5% per day. And if you lost weight (even just a pound) don't change a damn thing. Seriously. If you lose 1 pound in 2 weeks and get disappointed, you need a reality check. You don't need to lose a ton of weight very quickly to make progress. Slow & steady wins the race. - 4️⃣Repeat this cycle over and over again until you're consistently losing an AVERAGE of 1/2lb to 1lb per week (on a MONTHLY basis). As in, don't compare day to day or week to week numbers. Compare your average weight loss month to month (June 1 to July 1 to Aug 1 etc). Because that is way more accurate and far less mentally taxing than comparing daily. - 5️⃣Do NOT let the scale fool you. It won't go down every day or week or even every month. You could be perfect with your nutrition and it will still bounce up. Don't let the scale dictate your mood or decisions. It's one tool of many. And, honestly, as long as your measurements are going down and your clothes are fitting better and you're looking leaner...screw the scale. It doesn't matter. - 🙏❤Questions? 👇💪🦄

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