Week's Best in BS Free Fitness - Vol. 4


I featured squat university's instagram last week. But their twitter is straight 🔥 too. So, might as well give them some shine on Twitter also right?

Anyway, Squat university's twitter account is just as high quality as their instagram (as you can see in the above post). You can learn more about the squat from one of their posts than you can on the majority of the internet, and that's saying something.

Also, check out their website, Here.


Jonnie Candito is one of the guys who originally got me into powerlifting training. I've since moved away from that style of training, but Jonnie's still the man.

The last powerlifting total I saw Jonnie post was 1500 pounds. So, yeah, he's strong af. Plus, Jonnie goes into extremely deep detail on the power lifts. His Instagram is full of tips from his own training experience.

Also, you can check out his site HERE.