Week's Best in BS-Free Fitness - Vol. 34


Dr. Monica Harden

Doctor of Chiropractic

Here is a great warm up by @docjenfit with getting your lower body ready for work! . . ✨LOWER BODY WARM-UP✨ . . Note: this will not increase mobility or loosen things up "too much" for exercise. It's just one way I like to start to open up my hips, ankles, and decrease tension in the front of my legs. I might suggest something different if I evaluated you. . 🎥 Foam Roll Anterior Chain (quads): one way to decrease pressure from those knees is to make sure your quads aren't dominating the movement. Foam rolling (not hardcore smashing) around the quads can help decrease tension. [video sped up] 🎥 Quad + Hamstring Stretch: reach overhead with the opposing arm to begin increasing core awareness with the quad stretch and squeeze the bottom to posterior tilt the pelvis and deepen the stretch. Bend at the hips for the hamstring stretch, and only pull on the front foot if your body can tolerate the added nerve stretch. . 🎥 Adductor + Ankle Dorsiflexion Stretch: if there is no anterior Hip pinch, feel free to lean over that front toe and compress that ankle in a supported position to release any ankle/Achilles tightness prior to squats. 🎥 Deep Squat to Hamstring Stretch: make sure the knees and toes maintain alignment and the knees are not dipping inside the big toe. Move within YOUR limits. Not mine. . 🎥 Piriformis Stretch: a great way to work that stabilizing leg and foot and reinforce the brain of hip hinging prior to any squats and lunges. FRC CARS didn't quite fit in this video. But if you know them, I'd throw those in as a warm-up too 😉 #docjenfit #MyodetoxLA #MyodetoxOrlando #Myodetox

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