Week's Best in BS Free Fitness - Vol. 3


Chris Beardsley

Making sense of the latest Strength and Conditioning and Biomechanics Research

Chris Beardsley is the man. He is taking research and making it palatable and easy to understand for everyone. Basically, he's removing all of the solid training information from the ivory tower (aka the universities) and giving it to the masses.

Chris also runs a website called Strength and Conditioning Research. S&C Research is one giant research review, organized in a way you can immediately find whatever you're looking for. Whether you want to know how to grow your biceps, or what the muscle architecture of the erector spinae is, S&C Research has you covered.

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Squat University

Learn how to eliminate pain, optimize performance, and find your true strength.

Dr. Aaron Horschig goes IN when it comes to squat mechanics. The guy covers more about how to squat in one post than most of these Instagram models do in a year's worth of leg day selfies.

Dr. Horschig's squat knowledge runs deep. On his website, Dr. Horschig has multiple posts on what the feet's role should be in proper squat technique. That should tell you all you need to know.

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Excellent interview with Menno Henselmans about protein and metabolic damage.