Week's Best in BS Free Fitness - Volume 2


Thinking Lifter shares valuable, in-depth, and research-based training advice on their twitter timeline. No, they don't share what they had for lunch or who annoyed them at Starbucks, but solid actionable training advice. They are certainly worth following.

Also, Thinking Lifter's website is a wealth of info that guys like you need to be reading. Make sure to go and read til your heart's content.

Thinking Lifter


Aesthetic By Science

Aesthetic by Science is a fellow Bayesian Bodybuilder, so I KNOW, wihtout a shadow of a doubt, that he knows his stuff. 

On his Instagram, Aesthetic gives out simple training advice and gorgeous food photos. What's not to like.

Oh yeah, and praise Lord Gains 💪🏾.

Aesthetic By Science


This is the youtube channel of Abel Csabai. Abel interviews some of the best and brightest minds in the online fitness industry.

Abel also manages to get some of these fitness entrepreneurs to talk about some more personal topics. For example, in the above interview, Dr. Israetel discusses his political views a bit.

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Abel Csabai

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