Week's Best in BS Free Fitness - Volume 1

What are the guidelines for something to make into the Bull-Shit Free Fitness weekly list?

As you may know, I appreciate science. Actually, appreciation is an understatement. I think science is the thing missing from most of the fitness industry. Lack of scientific understanding is why so many dudes build little to no uscle over time.

To make it into this weekly list, I'm looking for Evidence-Based fitness advice. That evidence may come from a textbook or research, but there HAS to be evidence. 


Research Based Training, Nutrition, & Fitness

The Facebook Group

Description: An all-in-one group that we discuss: training, nutrition, mobility, flexibility, stability, lifestyle habits, supplements and everything in between. 

To bring up discussions on self data, with clients new information or just the open ended question you have always wanted answered to the best ability of the members of this group. 

This place is to become a more educated overall person in this world we call fitness.

This facebook group is one in which some of the best evidence-based fitness advice from around the net is posted by various members. The quality of posts is VERY high in this group, and the group leader, Sam Sacket, really knows his shit. So, make sure to follow and friend Sam also!


Dr. Brad Schoenfeld

Meet Dr. Brad Schoenfeld. Dr. Schoenfeld is a legend in evidence-based fitness circles, and if you don't know him, now you do. You're welcome.

Dr. Schoenfeld typically posts things on his twitter that are applicable to the every day trainee (unlike a lot of science guys who babble on about complex topics most people don't care about). Stuff that guys like you NEED to be reading (like research reviews, research-backed blog posts, etc).

You can follow Dr. Schoenfeld HERE.

Plus, Dr. Schoenfeld just released a new book, "Science and Development of Muscle Hypertrophy." In the interest of full disclosure, I bought it but haven't read it yet. But Dr. Schoenfeld wrote it, so it's going to be good. You can buy the book HERE.



Coach Sigvar Garfors

Trying to show what's achievable as a natural bodybuilder and powerlifter.

Coach Sigvar is a powerlifter, bodybuilder, online coach, and personal trainer. Not only is the guy strong as hell, but the guy can make some good looking food. Coach Sigvar's food posts are immaculate. Look at those avocados up there. No seriously, look.

You can follow Coach Sigvar on IG HERE. You can also check out his website HERE.

Blog Posts

Stop Cranking On Your Shoulders For More Mobility - Andrew Millet (tonygentilcore.com)

Understanding the Mind-Body Connection to Better Optimize Mental Performance – And Take Conscious Control of Your Physiology? - Adam Sinicki (thebioneer.com)

The Anabolic Window: A Guide For The Well-Educated Bro - Alex Ferrari (thebroscientist.com)

Yohimbine For Stubborn Fat Loss? - Menno Henselmans (bayesianbodybuilding.com)