Picking The Best Chest and Shoulder Exercises (Video Interview)

Here I discuss general exercise selection principles with my good buddy Abel Csabai of the Sustainable Self-Development podcast.

After discussing the general principles, we talk about how to apply those principles to the pecs and delts. Enjoy! 

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Time Stamps:

1:15 – What are the most important factors for selecting exercises for any bodypart?
2:15 – Closed chain vs Open chain exercises
5:30 – Tissue stress distribution
9:10 – Compound vs Isolation
11:40 – Specificity
15:00 – Switching exercises too frequently
16:40 – There is no 1 exercise you need to do
21:20 – Chest hypertrophy – the best exercises
25:57 – How to calculate the load for push-ups

Wilfredo Thomas