What the hell does 'Systems Theory' mean?

There was this guy back in the 1940s named Ludwig von Bertalanffy, who I will call "Butterfly" from now on because it's easier to say than Bertalanffy. 

Butterfly had a major problem with the field of science. He felt as though the field was not looking at the big picture. At the time, scientists were taking really complex concepts and breaking them down into their smallest and simplest forms.

Basically, scientists weren't looking at the forest, they were looking at the trees.

Not looking at the forest left scientists with a blind spot in their vision and caused them to miss glaring evidence. 

Butterfly proposed a fix for this problem, and he called it, Systems Theory.

Systems theory pushes the idea that a "system" interacts with its environment and continually evolves due to that interaction.

We'll come back to this concept in a minute.

What Does It Take To Consistently Get Bigger And Stronger?

Training and nutrition that is two things.

Research-Based & Considerate of the Entire Picture.

All those dudes on Youtube and Instagram are strong as hell. They’ve got the perfect bodies, perfect girlfriend, perfect skin, perfect car, and the perfect life. Of course, they must know what they are doing in the gym.

They make a post telling you about why their products are great and why you should buy from them. You go out on a limb and make a purchase. It may be a supplement, a workout program, or online training.

A month later and there you are. You’ve had your trust taken advantage of yet again. You’ve invested more money in someone, and you made no progress.

The protein you bought just made you fart. Oh, and the program that’s supposed to make you super strong, made you a bit stronger. But now your shoulders are so wrecked that you can hardly get through a workout. Plus, the book you bought from that coach with the Ph.D. is nearly unreadable. What the hell does physiological cross-sectional area mean!?

You say to yourself,

"Forget this, all these people on *insert social media site here* are all the same. They’re just trying to get a dollar out of me.”

But you can’t stop looking for good fitness information. There's got to be good info out there somewhere right?

You start to say things like,

"Those swole dudes at the gym only got big because they have better genetics than me."

  • That dude is frickin huge! He's got the genetics of The Rock.
  • No matter what I throw at them, my arms won't grow. I guess my arm genetics just suck.

Now begins the self-defeating mentality that a lot of gym goers develop. Not gaining muscle and getting stronger is a product of your DNA, and you can’t change that. Right? You begin to doubt that going to the gym is even worth your time.

You have thoughts like:

"Every swole dude at the gym eats 1000 grams of protein and does juice. I'm not going through all that s**t!"

Seems like, to build serious muscle and strength, or to get ripped, you have to live an extreme lifestyle.

They do the following things,

  • Eat 12 meals a day.
  • Work out 15 times a week.
  • Eat a billion grams of protein per day.
  • Doesn't spend time with family because they are too busy working out or cooking more flavorless grilled chicken breast.
  • Take enough steroids to make a horse jacked.

They tell you that to get jacked, you can't eat a damn french fry, and a life without french fries is no life at all).

But, there’s an even worse side to the extreme lifestyle detailed just above. The If It Fits Your Macros crew. You know, those guys who tell you-you can eat what you want and have an incredible body. They then proceed to guzzle down a gallon of ice cream while showing off their six packs. Every time you so much as look at an ice cream commercial you start to get a pot belly.

“I just did this program I found online. I made some progress, but I don’t know what to do next.”

You follow every workout to the letter. You cross every t and dot every i. You promised yourself that you would follow a program and you did.

If anyone else hasn't told you, I'm proud of ya son. Congratulations, you accomplished more than 99% of all people who say they want to get fit, which is 100% of every person ever.

BUT, you finished the program, and.... now what? Ever had these thoughts?

  • There's no way I can just do the same program again and make progress right? Don't you have to confuse your muscles or some s**t?
  • The person I bought this program from said they know a lot about getting big. But all they said was do 3 sets of 12 reps for some random exercise. If they know so much then where's the information SHOWING ME how much they know.

I’ll have you know that you’re not the only guy in the weight room questioning himself.

Sup, my name is Wilfredo, and I use research to help young guys get jacked.

I have struggled with all of the same questions that you have. To be perfectly honest, I still struggle with self- doubt. Let me explain,

"The fitness industry is over-saturated."

-Everybody and their mama

I’ve gotten the above comment a lot over the past few months. These people are right, to an extent. The business of fitness is saturated... with bad information.

False advertising, unrealistic expectations, and photoshopped selfies are all over the place. Honestly, the lack of research-based and practical training advice pisses me off.

You've got the social media stars with no education, and the guys with education who are so arrogant they turn everyone off.

So, I'm going to do something about it. 

Here are a few things about me:

  • The very first time I lifted, I couldn’t even bench press 65 POUNDS. (Never been so embarrassed in my life dude).
  • When I was at the age of twelve, I developed horrible gynecomastia (a condition in teenage boys that makes them grow what appear to be breasts). Out of fear that I may have to take my shirt off, I missed out on a lot of experiences that I should have had in my teen years. Needless to say, my self- confidence needed some serious work.
  • I started my fitness journey because I was seriously depressed. It was my 19th birthday and my Mom was the only one to tell me happy birthday. That day I went to the gym and haven't stopped going.

Now, here I am:

I’ve gained about 35 pounds, gone from a 65 to a 270-pound bench press (with a pause), and had surgery to remove the gynecomastia that pained me as a teenager.

Plus, I gave up on the idea of trying to live my life for everyone else. I knew that I loved fitness, which motivated me to pursue my Master’s degree in Kinesiology, which I am in the process of getting.

The weight room has been a tool that changed my life for the better, and I know it will change your life for the better. But, the gym is only healthy when you've got the right information.

Which brings me to exactly HOW I CAN HELP YOU

I went over some of the BS that people deal with in fitness, but if you've read this far, I want to give you some answers (I'm holding myself to that whole do something about it thing).

The Answer to Every Question You Have About Training is Research

How Science Really Applies in The Weight Room 

Like I said earlier, you're a unique person. But, you're not a unique person.

That may sound weird, so let me explain.

Your personality, experiences, the chemistry within your body, bone-joint structure, and muscle insertion points all gather to create a unique person, a system, if you will.

BUT, if you were having heart surgery, the doctor wouldn't walk in and ask, "how many hearts does he have?" 

See where I'm going? In the case of your heart, and many other factors, you have things in common with many other people. 

The fact that there are other people out there just like you is great. 

You have this thing called populations in research. Populations are basically specific groups of people. One group could be teenagers from the age of 13-17. Or it could be males age 18-29 (cough cough).

There are TENS OF THOUSANDS of studies in the field of muscle growth and strength, and I guaran-damn-tee people just like yourself have been studied.

The ONE reason the training advice they've been giving you isn't working is...

The people telling you how to get bigger and stronger are basing their training advice on one thing... what worked for them.

Which is fine, if you are exactly like them in every way, and of course, you're not.

...I know what you're thinking right now.

"Those science guys are just as bad. They're not that big, and I don't care about all that chemistry and crap."

You're 100% right. Academics like to spend their time thinking about lifting, as opposed to actually doing it.

They don't have huge arms like the bros, so the science crowd likes to use big words that no one understands. I call it mental flexing.

Remeber how we talked about Butterfly earlier? He had the same problem with scientists you do, and he was a biologist. 

The Science crowd bases their opinion on theories about one thing (the tree).

Systems theory looks at the entire body of information (the forest) and tells us what would be the best course of action. 

Which takes me further down the rabbit hole of how I can help you get the body you're looking for.

I've researched the hell out of young guys JUST like you.

And I know EXACTLY how to help you maximize your progress. 

Your training should be based on a combination of research and your individuality. Let me get more specific,

  • The EXACT amount of calories (and macros) you should be eating to get RIPPED or JACKED. Based on a complex formula that I stole from my Master's exercise physiology class.
  • The exercises that will take your body to a new level. Exercise selection is EASY... when you've studied anatomy and biomechanics for years. Luckily for you, I have studied for years.
  • How many times you should train a muscle per week. All that "train a muscle once per week" stuff is BS. When you understand the body as a System, you can train a muscle far more often, and grow much more quickly.

Systems Theory Coaching

I want to be your coach, and I want to help you achieve your goals.

Proper training is a collection of smart choices, not just a "good" nutrition and weightlifting program.

Don't believe me?

Here are just a few of the many things that we will optimize.

  • Frequency of training.
  • Volume per muscle.
  • Amount of calories.
  • Optimized sleep.
  • Supplementation that will supercharge your performance and health.
  • Proper food choices.
  • Hormone levels.
  • Properly measuring your body fat percentage.

And a whole lot more.

But, that's not all,

Training experience is the one often forgotten and never discussed factor that keeps guys from reaching their training goals. Training experience dictates the way someone should eat, and how their weight-lifting program should be organized.

And I wouldn't be a true Systems Theorist if I left training experience out.

*We'll come back to training experience in a moment.*

NOTE: Because of the sheer amount of work that I put into my coaching services, and the fact that I am a Kinesiology graduate student who is writing a thesis, I can only accept five clients at a time.


Here are some more of the benefits of Systems Theory Coaching

Train on Your Own Time

Go to the gym when you’re able to. You will no longer have to concern yourself with matching schedules with a personal trainer.

Video Communication

Since we won’t be able to meet up at the gym, we’ll use a lot of videos to communicate. I want you to send me as much video as possible so I can give you coaching cues and tips. I’ll also be sending you video instructions on the various exercises I prescribe, along with commentary that I recorded just for you.

A training program that fits like a tailored suit.

How have those generic workout plans gone for you? Not so good? Well, I can fix that. We’ll discuss, at length, your System (body and environment)and I’ll build you a program from scratch.


If it's not working, we change it.

I’ll only send you a week's worth of workouts at a time. I do this to make sure the program is working correctly from week to week. If the program is not getting the proper results, or if you’re dissatisfied with something, I can adjust the plan before I’ve sent you next week’s training sessions.

Systems Theory Coaching is NOT Right For You if...

You want a magic pill

I do not lie or mislead. I do believe that I will improve your training. But, YOU WILL NOT look like you’re ready to step onto the cover of a magazine in a month of training with me. Getting the body you want will take years, which is why I want to teach you about training. That way you can keep making progress after we're done working together. If you're looking for a shortcut, click off this page now, we won't get along very well.

You make excuses

I understand that you have a life to lead. However, I do not want to hear, “I can’t make it to the gym, I stubbed my toe.” If you are not serious about getting bigger and stronger, thenI’m not the guy for you.


Wilfredo Training Systems Coaching IS Right For You IF...

You're a hard worker.

Just because I’m a big fan of research, doesn’t mean that your training will be easy. As a matter of fact, research shows that high volume high-intensity workouts are quite useful. So you BETTER BE READY TO PUT IN SOME WORK!

You want to learn more about training

I’ve dedicated countless hours to the study of anatomy and biomechanics. I want to share as much of that as possible. If you want to learn, we'll get along well.

I sincerely believe that I can help you achieve greater gains in muscle, strength, and confidence, and so I’m making my coaching services available to you, 100% risk-free. If, during, or at the end of our working together, you feel unsatisfied with my services, I will refund your money in full no questions asked.

If you're ready to start growing...

Join Systems Theory Online Coaching

Just to summarize, when you sign up for my coaching services, you will receive…

  • Access to a Master's level Kinesiologist through email. Coaching is about way more than giving someone orders on how many reps of squats they should do. Coaches should motivate and provide an ear to listen. So if you want to discuss anything, I've got your back.
  •  A customized program that fits you like a glove. Most of these "trainers" are just selling programs that were written for someone else. Doing that is like a doctor writing your prescription before seeing you in his/her office. 
  • Video Communication. I need to see as much video as possible of you in the gym, so I can coach you on the smaller details. I’ll even record video and commentary and send it back to you, so you don’t have to read through a lifetime of text (like you have on this page, thanks by the way 😁).
  • Frequent program adjustments. Nothing, including your training, is set in stone. If you and I recognize something ain't working, then I’ll adjust it for you on the fly.

How Much Does it Cost?

Back to Training Experience.

Like I said, I KNOW how to train dudes just like you. Whether you've been training for one year or five, I've got a mountain of research that tells me the perfect way to help you build muscle and strength.

But, guys who have been lifting for one year SHOULD NOT train like guys who have been in the gym for five years, and vice versa.

To offer the best coaching possible based on your System, I offer three different packages:

Beginner Training Systems

0-2 Years in The Gym

Beginners have a few special issues to handle, and this package will fix every problem you're having (including paralysis by analysis).

Here's what Beginners will be getting,

  • Custom training plan (based on your System)
  • "How to Gain or Lose Weight Without Counting Calories" guide (based on the list of foods that are calorically dense or sparse).
  • Support (to destroy paralysis by analysis, we'll be talking over Skype one a week).
  • "How to Accurately Measure Body Fat" guide (learn how to measure your body fat properly and throw away that damn scale).
  • "Getting a Perfect Night's Sleep" guide (you're going to be working hard and you'll need all the sleep you can get).

Intermediate Training Systems

2-5 Years in The Gym

Intermediates are in a delicate position. Your training will dictate whether or not you EVER make it to the advanced stage. My job is to make sure you get there without wrecking your brain.

Here's what Intermediates will be getting,

  • Custom Nutrition Plan (based on your System)
  • Custom training plan (based on your System)
  • Email Support (you'll have access to my private email as well as skype)
  • Custom Video Instruction (when trying to become an advanced lifter, every single rep matters).
  • "How to Supplement for Success" guide (a guide to using supplements to increase your performance and health without breaking the bank).
  • "Getting a Perfect Night's Sleep" guide (you're going to be working hard and you'll need all the sleep you can get).
  • "How to Accurately Measure Body Fat" guide (learn how to measure your body fat properly and throw away that damn scale).

Advanced Training Systems

5+ years in The Gym

You wouldn't have gotten to this point if you were the type to be satisfied with what you have. You need to keep seeing results.

Here's what the Advanced will be getting,

  • Super Custom Nutrition Plan (based on your System, and also includes nutrient timing guide and is changed week to week).
  • Super Custom Training Plan (based on your System, and is changed from week-to week)
  • Email Support (you'll have access to my private email as well as skype)
  • Custom Video Instruction (when trying to become an advanced lifter, every single rep matters).
  • "How to Supplement for Success" guide (a guide to using supplements to increase your performance and health without breaking the bank).
  • "Getting a Perfect Night's Sleep" guide (you're going to be working hard and you'll need all the sleep you can get).
  • "How to Accurately Measure Body Fat" guide (learn how to measure your body fat properly and throw away that damn scale).

Coaching ranges from $100-$300 based on your training experience, which I'll decide for sure.

If you're ready to optimize your entire System, Click Here 👇🏾