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Wilfredo Fitness is here to give you the real science on getting swole. I don't just teach the science of the human body, I use it everyday as an MSc student and barbell lover. Since 2011, I've been studying the what, how, when, where, and why of muscle building, and I want to share all of it with YOU.

Wilfredo Fitness is based on Systems Theory. I look at the body as a whole. Strength, bodybuilding, athleticism, and science all have their place in a good training program. The free info on the Wilfredo Fitness Blog will help you either get started or continue down the road to being jacked.

Plus, my free video series "Shit Guys Need to Know About Getting Swole," will teach some of the little discussed, but massively needed training tips guys like you should be using. My Systems Theory Coaching Program will provide you twice the results of personal training, at a fraction of the cost.

Sup, the name's Wilfredo, and it's high time the fitness industry gets a shake-up.

I've been exactly where you are. I've had fitness gurus lie to me to get me to buy their products. I've bought into the hype of the latest supplements. But like you, I got sick of it, and looked for a better way.

Allow me to teach you some of what I've learned in my many hours of studying so you can start making the never-ending progress that a hard worker like you deserves.

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